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Dr Katalin Gaal

Translation, Tutoring & Academic Proofreading Service

List of publications

Gaal, Katalin. “Iconic Representations in Dostoevsky’s post-Siberian Fiction.” Melbourne: Plenum Publishers, 2015.

Gaal, Katalin. "Iconic Representations in Dostoevsky's post-Siberian Fiction." PhD Thesis. 2013.

Gaal, Katalin. “Iconic Transformations in Dostoevsky’s post-Siberian works.” Kaleidoscope 5.1 (2013) 81-90.

Gaal, Katalin." Iconic transformations in Dostoevsky’s post-Siberian works." Conference Presentation. In Rhizomes V Diaspora: Language and Place, 4-5 February 2010, Brisbane, Australia.

Gaal, Katalin The Loneliness of the Bush: An Aesthetic Textual Study of Selected Short Stories by Henry Lawson. Germany: VDM Verlag, 2010.

Gaal, Katalin. “The Role of Iconic Beauty in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.” Transcultural Studies: A Series in Interdisciplinary Research Vols. 6-7 2010-2011 [2012], 225-236.